General Terms and Conditions

Submission of your debit or credit card details, cash payment in full or part (deposit) or other pre-arranged method of payment will be taken as your acceptance in full of the terms and conditions set out below and will constitute a legally binding contract between you (the Guest) and South Shore Guest House.

Before you arrive …

1. Payment, Reservations and Advanced Bookings – policy and notifications

  1. Online bookings made through South Shore’s website require valid credit or debit card details to enter you on our Booking System and pay for your accommodation, these will be processed through our Secure Payment Gateway at the time of booking and confirmation of reservations automatically sent via email after payment is successful.
  2. Please note that South Shore Guest House does NOT accept pre-paid cards, reloadable debit cards or “virtual cards” of any type.
  3. Bookings made on Online Travel Agent’s (O.T.A.’s) websites, require credit or debit card details to be pre-authorised (see 2 below)/validated prior to arrival. The booker must ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the cost of the booking. Failure to supply valid details will result in your booking being rejected.
  4. Credit or debit card bookings made by telephone, will be processed manually via Secure Terminal transaction with your card issuer. The booker must ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the cost of the booking. Verbal confirmation of your booking will be given at the time. No email or other form of confirmation should be expected. Failure to supply valid details will result in your booking being rejected.
  5. Prepayment of cash deposit in advance to secure your room(s) will be accepted only if agreed beforehand (please call 0191 454 4049), the balance being payable on arrival but please note South Shore will still require valid credit or debit card details to register you on our Booking System.
  6. Online payments in Stirling (GBP) only. Cash payments accepted in Sterling or Euros (exchange based on bank daily rate).
  7. Due to changes in way the UK Cheque Clearing System processes personal cheques, we regret that South Shore can no longer accept this form of payment.
  8. Guests must be a minimum of 18 years of age to book a room at South Shore.
  9. Please give us an “Estimated Time of Arrival” when booking to ensure a member of staff is available to greet you.
Pre-Authorisation of Credit or Debit Cards

Our Online Travel Agent partners recommend that a “pre-authorisation” be registered to the credit or debit card Guests book with – This simply means that the tariff for the first night’s stay/full amount/agreed amount, has been “reserved” – it has not left your account and will not, until the pre-auth is “completed” or “cancelled” which we generally do after your room has been checked on the day you leave.

In line with the recommendation of our online travel agents, South Shore has now adopted pre-authorisation to verify that you are who you say you are, that you are over 18 years of age and have sufficient funds available to pay for the goods and services we supply to you. If, however, you wanted to pay in cash on arrival or by chip and pin instead that would be fine, we would then cancel the pre-auth and the “reserved” amount would be available to you again.

2. Children

  1. Only children OVER the age of 10 years are allowed to stay in the Guest House and have to be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times; (example:  Two children in one room and their parents in another would not be allowed).
  2. Please note we do not offer childminding services. If it is brought to our attention that children have been left unattended we are legally obligated to report this to the appropriate authorities.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your right to cancel …
  1. Cancellation of bookings by telephone ONLY – no email, social media post, text messages, letter or other method will be accepted.
  2. To cancel your booking and receive full refund (including any deposit paid), please telephone 0191 454 4049 at least 48 hours before day of arrival.  Inside this time period or in the event of a “no-show”, South Shore reserves the right to retain a charge equivalent of the minimum deposit (e.g. the cost of you/your party’s first nights’ stay) and if applicable, a charge to cover the costs incurred of supplying specially booked extra items (i.e. flowers, special food, etc.)
  3. Special cancellation terms for the weekend of the Great North Run are here.
Our right to cancel (or amend) …

We may cancel your reservation at any time with immediate effect by telephone, email, letter or verbally in person if:

  • Payment is not presented when required to do so (“Pay to Stay”); or
  • You break the contract between us in any other material way.
  • If you have booked for 2 nights or more but after you have checked-in, find that you have to shorten your stay; please inform a member of staff as soon as possible of your new check out date so we may amend our availability. If we cannot re-let the room(s), we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equivalent to the minimum deposit per room booked (plus any extras ordered).
  • If a discount price deal has been negotiated and agreed and this is based on the number of days/persons/rooms the booking will cover, but for whatever reason the total number of days/persons/rooms becomes less than initially specified in the original deal, the originally negotiated deal will be deemed void and the price will revert to the full tariff. If there are mitigating factors you wish to raise with us or if you wish to renegotiate a new deal, please let us know as soon as possible.

If we cancel your reservation where you are at fault, we reserve our legal rights in respect of your breach of contract.

These terms are drawn with acknowledgement to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

4. Events outside our control (Force Majeure)

We may have to cancel your reservation if an “event outside our control” precludes our ability to supply your accommodation. This could be, but not limited to, industrial action, explosion, fire, flooding, failure of power or water supplies, civil uprising, riot, terrorist attack or direct direction by authorities or emergency services, etc.

In this case we will endeavour to contact you to let you know as soon as possible and:

    • If you have already paid for your room, we will refund your payment to you; or
    • If you have not yet paid for your room, you will not have to make any payment to us.

South Shore may use one or more Online Travel Agents (or OTA’s) and as a result “overbookings” can occur and South Shore has to try and rectify this “Frustration of Purpose” thus caused. In the very rare case of an overbooking where two parties are deemed to each have a legitimate expectation to be accommodated in the same room(s) on the same date and time, South Shore will offer one of the parties the next available similar room(s) or full refund.

Save as set out above, we cannot accept any liability caused by an event outside our control.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

On arrival / Check-in …

5. Check-in time

  1. Check-in time is from 12.00 (12 O’Clock, Midday) until 21.00 (9pm in the Evening).

6. Payment and Booking Confirmation – policy and notifications

  1. If you have booked online please identify yourself/your party to a staff member on arrival. The person who booked (or whoever is the “lead contact” for the party) will then be asked to fill in a Guest Slip. This is a mandatory fire safety measure. You should then present the credit or debit card used to book for cross-checking before being shown to your room(s).
  2. If you have not booked online, you will be asked to fill in a Guest Slip when you arrive. This is a mandatory fire safety measure. You should then present a credit or debit card to us so that we can register you on our Booking System. This is to ensure that guests using our online Booking System cannot reserve your room while you are in the process of booking in (see “overbooking” in section 3 above).
Payments in Cash
  1. South Shore Guest House requires Guests booking on the day for short stays to pay the full tariff in advance on arrival. This can be in Cash but please note we will still require Credit or Debit Card details to complete your registration. This is to ensure that Guests using our online Booking System cannot reserve your room while you are in the process of booking in (see “overbooking” in section 3 above).

During your stay …

On entering your room(s) if you discover damage of any kind whatsoever please inform a member of staff immediately. We will log the time and details of the problem to ensure that you will not be held liable at check out time.

Whilst every care is taken in the cleaning and servicing of your room, sometimes there are things that are missed or overlooked. Please let us know of anything amiss immediately and we will do our best to put it right.

7. Courtesies and House Rules

  1. Please note that South Shore Guest House is a ‘NO SMOKING’ establishment throughout.
  2. If you need any further information or help please use the buzzer at the foot of the stairs (up to 9.00pm in the evening).
  3. When single rooms are booked, multi-occupancy is not permitted. Where twin/double rooms are booked at a single supplement price, multi-occupancy is not permitted unless the appropriate upgrade is registered and paid for.
  4. Non-registered visitors are not permitted in guest rooms. If you wish to upgrade to a larger room or register another person please inform a member of staff immediately – failure to do so will result in you all being asked to leave.
  5. South Shore Guest House uses CCTV cameras for the security of our property and safety of Guests and Staff and are operated in accordance with our privacy policies (see Data Protection section).

There are many great restaurants and food outlets in Ocean Road but please remember that South Shore does not allow takeaway food in the rooms as stains, especially from curry, cannot be removed – all damaged items would therefore need to be replaced at your expense.

8. Breakfast

    1. Breakfast is available from 7.00am to 9.00am weekdays and 7.30am to 9.30am weekends and is served in the Dining Room on the ground floor.
    2. Special diets/preferred food by prior agreement/arrangement only.
  1. Please let us know in advance if you or any of your party have any allergies.

10. Conduct Policy

South Shore Guest House has undertaken to provide a safe and civil environment for our management, staff and guests. In line with current best practice, we have introduced a ‘zero tolerance policy’ covering behaviour. Please be aware that the following will not be tolerated:

  1. Any form of behaviour that can be regarded as violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, intimidating or derogatory is unacceptable.
  2. Shouting and swearing, general bad language, drunkenness or intoxication from any form of drug whether legal or not.
  3. Any behaviour that results in unacceptable levels of noise or disruption to others guests or refusal to act on any reasonable instructions or directions from management or members of staff.
  4. Smoking anywhere inside the Guest House, including leaning out of windows.
  5. Any person who commits a criminal act against our management, staff, guests or our property or assets will be prosecuted.
  6. Any person endangering the health and safety of others at our premises will be strictly liable for their actions. Any person behaving in breech of this Policy will be asked to leave immediately, no warnings or explanations need be given or should be expected … the following sanctions will be applied as management deem appropriate including but not limited to:
  • Reporting of any incident to the Police and other relevant agencies
  • Banning from the premises permanently
  • Prosecution of individuals

On leaving …

11. Check Out

    1. Guests must Check Out by 10.00am on weekdays and 10:30am on weekends.
    2. All rooms are checked thoroughly following check-out. Any damage discovered or items unaccounted for will incur the appropriate replacement charge.
    3. Please remember to leave your key or a replacement charge of £12 will be incurred.
  1. South Shore can temporarily store your luggage in a secure area for you (see proviso under general conditions), if you are planning on leaving later than checkout time. Please ask at breakfast if this service is available.

12. Liability

  1. No responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage of personal property, vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to Guests, or any member of their party, during their occupancy.
  2. Should any Online Travel Agent, Booking Firm or other Third Party (or anyone acting on their behalf), believe they have a financial arrangement with you that results in South Shore Guest House being held liable for commission, finders fee or any other charges, the Guest is liable to indemnify South Shore Guest House for any costs arising.

After you have left …

13. Lost Property

    1. South Shore Guest House will not be held responsible whatsoever for Guests’ possessions left or lost at the premises after departure. However, ‘lost property’ shall be stored for a reasonable period of time in a secure area. If you find you are missing anything please telephone or email immediately with a description of the item(s). After a reasonable time has elapsed, we will dispose of the items in a responsible manner.
    2. If food, drink or other perishables are left after check-out they will be disposed of immediately.
  1. If you have been asked to leave and have left items of your property in the room after your departure, they will be handed in to the local Police Station.

14. Leaving a Review

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. If you where for any reason unhappy with any aspect of your stay, please let us know before posting a review and give us a fair chance to address any issues raised.

Your opinion helps other Guests to get a better idea of what to expect when they stay at South Shore Guest House. Each review submitted – whether positive or negative – will be fairly considered for publication and should be written in a polite and constructive manner and must be based on facts.

  1. A review is comprised of a star rating and a written comment.
  2. Reviews must be the opinion of the Guests that have actually stayed at South Shore Guest House.
  3. There is no legal entitlement for submitting or publishing a review.
1. Granting of Rights

By submitting a review via the “Leave a Review” section on our website or copying us in on a review submitted to third party websites via email or other methods including conventional postal delivery services etc. you are granting South Shore Guest House the absolute royalty-free, non-exclusive and full rights to copy, edit, translate, reproduce, modify, adapt, post, publish and publicly display your submitted review throughout the world via any media.

2. Inadmissible Contents for Review Comments
The following review content would be inadmissible:
  1. Criminal and otherwise illegal content, insulting language, disparagement, threats, defamatory criticism, allegations of untrue facts, content that could be judged to be harmful to minors, content that glorifies violence, discrimination, racism, misogamy, content that may or appear likely to infringe the copyrights, trademark rights or personal rights of third parties.
  2. Personal data – i.e. full postal address, IP address, bank or credit card data, logins and passwords, telephone/mobile numbers etc.
  3. Hyper-links or web addresses to external content or scripts.
  4. Content without any informative value – e.g. seemingly random sequence of numbers, letters or symbols or poorly translated text).
  5. Comments which explicitly refer to other reviews or direct or indirect references to competitors.
3. Inadmissible Reviews
The following reviews would be deemed inadmissible:
  1. Reviews in which the content and the star rating are contradictory – e.g. 5 star rating and a consistently negative comment.
  2. Impersonation of another party.
  3. Reviews that are justified by circumstances that are not related to our performance – i.e. a poor review is given because the Guest’s bank have declined their credit card payment etc.
  4. Reviews that focus on circumstances that fall outside our responsibility – e.g. delay of flights, trains, taxis or situations that occur outside the Guest House etc.

South Shore Guest House will delete inadmissible review content, edit or otherwise obscure them, i.e. by replacing them with asterisks (***), while retaining the star rating and other content. The entire review will be deleted if this is appropriate and/or necessary taking into consideration the circumstances of each individual case, in particular if a review is recognisably based on statements which are proven false or which are to be treated as untrue.

4. South Shore may completely or partially delete reviews if:
  1. Obliged to do so by legal order.
  2. By posting a guests review, we would be found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of our various partners.

We do however, reserve the right to review for publication any re-submissions if any “flagged” details have been amended or edited so they comply with any legal order and/or do not infringe our own or our partners terms and conditions.

15. Complaints Procedure

Complaints or problems should be bought in person to the attention of the management at the earliest opportunity DURING your stay at the property and we will do our very best to resolve any issues that are under our control promptly.

16. Miscellaneous

  1. No pets allowed.
  2. The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice or reference.
  3. This website and its content are copyright of South Shore Guest House. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of part or all of the contents is strictly limited to personal and non-commercial use only. If you are interested in using any images or other material from our site please contact us by email first.
  4. This website contains links to other sites which are not under the control of, or affiliated to South Shore Guest House. No responsibility for the content of these linked websites will be accepted.
  5. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.